Club Nord organizes your holiday programs, adventures and experiences!

  • Snowmobile Safari in Ivalo area
  • Visit to the Reindeer farm and the Siida-Sámi Museum & Nature Center
  • Daytrip to Nellim
  • Husky farm visit and short husky drive
  • Aurora Hunting
  • Snowmobile Safari to the Arctic Sea

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Summer Activities

During the summer Lapland is the mystical land of the Midnight Sun, as the sun doesnt set below the horizon. You can enjoy our arctic summer and the refreshing climate. It is easy to visit the legendary Lake Inari form Ivalo as well as the town of Inari which is the Sàmi culture center of Finland.


For the groups we can organize different kinds of daytrips in the surrounding areas, here are few examples:

  • Reindeer farm visit and Lemmenjoki boat trip
  • Same Museum and cruise on Lake Inari
  • Trips to Orthodox village Nellim
  • Tankavaara Gold Museum
  • Daytrips to Arctic Ocean

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